repetitive words
everything that has already been said--only said just
one more time.

Cara: *wakes up* sound…what’s that sound?
Me: It’s Stars of the Li—
Cara: Sounds like bees. High pitched bees or a lawn mower.

*goes back to sleep*

The centrifugal force of our planet is still fearfully strong…I have a longing for life, and I go on living in spite of logic. Though I may not believe in the order of the universe; yet I love the sticky little leaves as they open in spring. I love the blue sky. I love some people, whom one loves, you know, sometimes without knowing why. I love some great deeds done by men, though I’ve long ceased perhaps to have faith in them, yet from old habit one’s heart prizes them.
— Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  (via paperswallow)

(via dostoyevsky)

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